To all the official and unofficial, but always helpful, editors with whom I have had the pleasure of working


Editor, fellow writer, friend, and compatriot worshiper, or at least appreciator, of words and the power of their proper selection and arrangement:

I wish to explicitly express my gratitude for your significant contribution to the improved presentation and understanding of this writer's ideas, book, and passion.

Specifically, this writer wishes to thank you,

For indicating to this writer, in untiring repetition, my consistent and persistent misspelling of that word;

For pointing out to this writer, in embarrassing frequency, my persistent and consistent confusion between that one word and that other word;

For finding, with effortless ease, a thousand split infinitives;

For setting down those many markings, with determined intent, to facilitate following the required Chicago style and finding the myriad places requiring the insertion of a comma immediately preceding the "and" and last entry in a series -- even though it is not IMHO necessary or even desirable, it could be argued.

For reminding this writer of his long-forgotten high school lesson regarding gerunds and possessives;

For giving in to the wishes of this writer regarding that second s following the possessive of a word ending in s.

For catching that collection of individualistic errors of all imaginable types, scattered, unannounced, unexpected, and in hiding, throughout the text;

For spotting those (few remaining) awkward phrases and passages, evidently invisible to the writer, that begged for just a moment's attention;

For subtly, indeed almost silently, suggesting that this writer might want to rid the book of some more (but certainly not all) of the colorful, overemphatic, in some places exaggerated, and, perhaps, in a few cases, even childish remains of that absolutely, though no longer, necessary initial creative writing passion and fun, which, if allowed to remain, would eventually, and no doubt soon, embarrass him;

For applying your talents, training, and time simultaneously to educate this writer and to improve his book, as well as for doing so with respect, skill, and humor;

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