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An Advanced Socioeconomic System

  "Robley E. George's Socioeconomic Democracy is based in the best traditions of humanitarianism. As such, it has tremendous innate appeal for the ever-exploited Third World -- exploited equally by alien and alienating western imperialism, as well as the local agents of such imperialism in almost every Third World country. Likewise, its attraction for the Muslim World -- which is today one-fifth of humanity -- is highlighted in chapter 7: 'Socioeconomic Democracy and Islam'. Students of Islami Economics and Democracy will find much food for thought in this comparative study. One finds the author's open-minded and large-hearted attitude towards other socio-religious and politico-economic ideologies respectfully understanding."

Ikram Azam

Founder and Chairman, Pakistan Futuristics Foundation and Institute;
Author or editor of over 50 books, including Some Significant 21st Century Trends and Issues.

  "What gift can we leave future generations is a question many of us have on our mind. I believe Robley George has answered it: Socioeconomic Democracy. They will thank us, particularly Mr. George for this gift, for his book which tells what Socioeconomic Democracy is, and how we can achieve it. To create a spiritual, multicultural society, we need a foundation of deep inclusive democracy which guarantees universal purchasing capacity. Without it, our dreams will remain far away. Let us thank Mr. George for bringing our dreams a bit nearer."
Sohail Inayatullah

Senior Research Fellow, Queensland University of Technology;
Board Member and Fellow, World Futures Studies Federation.

  "The world will not change for the better unless imaginative and obstinate thinkers explore and advocate bold ideas. Robley George is one of those thinkers, thanks to whom it is not foolish to hope."
Philippe Van Parijs

Professor of Economics and Social Ethics, Catholic University of Louvain;
Founder and Secretary, Basic Income European Network.

  "Robley George understands the dirty little secret our punditocracy always seems to ignore: The wider the gap between rich and poor, the narrower the chances that real democracy can survive and thrive. Inequality demands answers, not inattention -- and Robley George, bless his out-of-the-box-thinking soul, has a provocative answer to offer."
Sam Pizzigati

Author, The Maximum Wage;
Editor, Too Much.

  "Robley George has a strategy which aims at one of our most serious issues -- the growing gap between the rich and the poor. He is one of the very few people who are struggling with the realities of the current moment as opposed to its myths. Read this book and open up new space for your thinking."
the late
Robert Theobald

One of world's "Most Influential Futurists", Encyclopedia of the Future;
Author of over 20 books, including Reworking Success.

  "In a finite world with each of us being mortal, with population and environmental pressures growing, and natural resources dwindling, limits will clearly have to be set. Today we proceed as if the earth is inexhaustible and can cater to the endless appetites of man. Socioeconomic Democracy is therefore a welcomed principle to reorient dominant values, which are now the bane of the human race and threaten its survival.

  "A major product of these values is deepening insecurity which breeds inordinate and incomprehensible excesses and unbelievable depravity and misery. These must be checked, if there is a faint chance of sustainability. Socioeconomic Democracy as a governing precept could foster a new economics and a new global value system, which places people in the centre of progress."

Arnoldo K. Ventura Special Advisor to the Prime Minister of Jamaica on Science and Technology.

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