Fellow Revolutionary, Stout Heart and Proud Compatriot from the Emerging World we all have dreamed about and knew is quite possible. May I, assuming the role of the Writer, respectfully submit a Prayer to you, who, in this drama, was destined to play the part of the Publisher.

Writer and Publisher, co-conspirators in the sublime subversive service dedicated to getting new, thoughtful and necessary ideas for the betterment of humanity out so that they may be known, thought about further and used. Writer and Publisher, co-engineers in the evolution of humanity's intellect. Writer and Publisher, each helpless without the other, unable to fulfill their Sacred Duty. Writer and Publisher, invincible when working together, satisfying their Sacred Duty.

Thus, what of my scribblings? Are they to be published or not? Pray, Compatriot, do not forsake your Writer now. We have come so far together. Surely words, not legal documents, have capped and cemented our commitment. Do justify with affirmation this Writer's faith in reason. If it please you, may this Writer briefly resubmit some of his justifications for publication.

Does the book not directly address the acknowledged global fundamental economic problem confronting, confusing and confounding humanity?

Does the book not provide a fundamentally democratic resolution to that unnecessary and painful acknowledged global economic problem confronting humanity?

Does the book not show how this can come about peacefully?

Does the book not already have a number of thoughtful and courageous people saying that the ideas expressed in the book should be at least seriously considered by humanity?

Does the book not contain sufficient light-hearted humor to balance its deadly serious subject?

Does the book not appear sufficiently clean of typos to merit consideration?

Does the book not promise to eventually be a financial success, quite properly returning more than its minimal initial monetary cost?

Does the book not expose some of the tragic and needless harm caused by particular portions of pompous professions inflicting profound pain on the people of the planet, in the name of the Science of Economics?

Thus, I end this Writer's Prayer to his Publisher. After reading this Prayer and knowing how this Writer thinks and feels, may you, near omniscient and certainly omnipotent Publisher, please decide as you think, feel and know best. Thy Will Be Done.

1998, 2001 by Rob George

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