Spirit of all Creation and Creativity yet to come,
Allow me to serve you as scribe.
May I be privileged to write, telling of your infinitely subtle simplicity.

Pray, let me be your servant -- yea, your lifetime slave.
To struggle in consciousness and sleep, wrestling with words and ideas.

Lend passion to my timid pen; help fill this empty page.
Guide my unsure hand, to ensure what should be said is said and said well.

Let me be ever open to your signs, that I may write your will.
Maintain my faith with manifest justifications, if only occasionally.
Make me persevere through adversity, disregard, rejection and stupidity.

Dazzle me with your insights, more spectacular than a glimpse of our globe
Through a porthole.

Visit me with your gifts and blessings:
The word, the phrase, the passage, the pamphlet.
Help me give wings to words,
That they may soar in celebration of the wonderment of all your creations.

From your boundless courage to create a universe, give me courage
To seek, know, embrace and write the truth -- whatever it is.

And help me find the wisdom to balance all these forces,
For Good and Evil,
For Good.

1997, 2001 by Rob George

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