Let's take a break 


This page contains material intended to provide a break from the rigors of public (as opposed, say, to private) politicosocioeconomic system design and analysis. Humor and enlightenment being intimately and inextricably intertwined (not to mention absolutely essential for rational, humanistic, peaceful, democratic and successful introduction of advanced politicosocioeconomic systems), we have here inaugurated and on occasion will supplement this collection of attempts at humor and other distractions. So far, this Lighter Side list commences with some Limericks about Economists, followed by a brief glance back into our common African ancestry and source of Majority Rule, the madness of "Meanwhile," some attempts at poetry, some further scribblings, a vision of one future, and ending, for the time being, with some thoughts of Thomas Jefferson regarding reasonable taxation, which, it must be confessed, is found most amusing.

robley button1.gif (1292 bytes) Limericks about Economists
robley button1.gif (1292 bytes) Prehistory of majority rule
robley button1.gif (1292 bytes) Meanwhile
robley button1.gif (1292 bytes) Poetry
robley button1.gif (1292 bytes) Scribblings
robley button1.gif (1292 bytes) "Visions of the Future: A day in the life of a scientist in the year 2050"
robley button1.gif (1292 bytes) Jefferson on Taxation