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You have arrived at the Center for the Study of Democratic Societies, where you will be gently introduced to the theory and practice of advanced, democratic socioeconomic systems. It is hoped you find your visit with us interesting and informative. Thank you for stopping by. And do drop by again; like everything else, we're evolving.

The Center for the Study of Democratic Societies is a research and educational institution dedicated to the examination and explanation of the properties and possibilities of democratic societies and democratic socioeconomic systems. Founded in 1969 and directed by Robley E. George, the Center is now a global network of thoughtful people from many walks of life, all sharing a deep commitment to significant improvement. Won't you join us?

Services available from the CSDS include a formal Study Program in Socioeconomic Democracy and an Advanced Study Program Seminar, as well as less formal short courses, workshops, lectures, writing and consultation. The Center is proud to announce the publication of the book entitled SOCIOECONOMIC DEMOCRACY: An Advanced Socioeconomic System.

Note what’s New!

The above three-paragraph introduction, which, nostalgically speaking, has appeared on the home page of the Center for the Study of Democratic Societies since the beginning of its Internet existence, more than a decade ago, is hereby now expanded to include some of the Center’s current activity. But do not fear; the much beloved, mid-Victorian look and atmosphere of this worthy site will remain respected, even venerated and properly propagated.

The subject of “A Democratic Socioeconomic Platform in search of a Democratic Political Party” has been introduced, with an assortment of thought-provoking articles of different word length and different emphasis on various specific aspects of the Platform. The DSeP page, with sub links to these different articles is the first link below. Further developments in this general area of Democratic Platforms are anticipated, with capability for thoughtful reader participation envisioned. Stay tuned.

But to balance this mid-Victorian motif, we are also introducing some appropriate original music to the site. We are starting with “Rapids of Change,” in the Poetry Section. Enjoy.

For further information regarding various CSDS activities, please click on the title below:

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